The Land Park Commercial Center Project

Though many Land Park residents aren’t yet aware, there is a massive new development project in the works at the former Capitol Nursery site that will have a huge impact on our quality of life. It’s called the Land Park Commercial Center, and if built in its currently proposed version it will directly cause significant new problems for adjacent property owners and neighborhood residents.

Here’s the Plan:

  • 55,000 square feet for a brand new Raley’s store.
  • 53,980 square feet of unknown additional retail.
  • 439 surface level parking spaces.
  • Required General Plan Amendment and Rezone of portions of the site.
  • No solution to reoccupy the existing Raley’s store one block away on Freeport.

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Why you should be concerned:

  • Immediate neighbors will need to contend with the noise and fumes from loading docks that will receive multiple semi-truck deliveries every day.
  • At a December public scoping session developers’ representatives refused to answer basic questions about building height and the height of lighting poles that will flood into the backyards and through the windows of neighbors.
  • The plan requires the city to alter the current zoning of the area. The current zoning calls for new development of the area to be partially reserved for low-density residential development. The developers instead want a high-density retail development that will eliminate any buffer between existing residents and the new project.

All area residents need to consider what the traffic impacts will be. Also, the existing Raley’s site will close down. Will a large vacant retail store drawn transients and encourage blight?

Sign our petition to the Mayor, City Council and Design Commission

Land Park residents want a responsible and appropriate development at the Capitol Nursery site. The proposal to bring a Raley’s as part of a bloated, overflowing strip mall is a terrible fit for our neighborhood. We cannot support a project that will encroach on our homes with non-stop delivery truck noise, overpowering parking lot lights, pollution and poor air quality, increased traffic and congestion on Freeport Blvd and surrounding surface streets. We cannot stand for a project that will rezone the area to eliminate the low-density housing buffer area that the site was always intended to be. We oppose a rezone, and we urge the city council to make sure this project fits into the character of Land Park and the surrounding residents.


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